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S.W.A.T. is now streaming on NETFLIX!

My first Guest-star role in "Ekitairashiku" season 3 #episode 13 is ON! It was orignally produced for CBS netweork and still is. It was aied in Jan 2020. Please watch this episode because this one is a very special episode with LA and Tokyo location shooting with a lot of big epic action scenes. SONY Pictures spent a big budget on this special episode with great castings. The story shows a lot of the subculture of Japan in Tokyo as well.  You don't see that much in regular American detective shows. Now it's on NETFLIX so please watch it at your convenience!



FBI MOST WANTED season 4 episode 21 will be aired on 5/16 at 10PM EDT on CBS. Please watch it!!!


Just finished shooting for a prime time TV drama on CBS. I played a co-star on the scene which is very cool . It always feels great to perform on a Nationwide broadcasting TV show.   4-30-2023

I booked on a long term contract on NOVARTIS Kidney medication commercial print job and we finished its shooting at Jack Studios. And it was a good way to start 2023!!


On Oct 3rd, we had a fun SKECHERS TV commercial shooting at Pier 59 Studios. And it was aied on SUPER BALL!!!!! It was awesome!!!


On March 18th, "WeCrashed" new miniseries on Apple Tv+ will  be premiered. My small sceneepisode is #106 and the release date is 4/6. The show star Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. I just watched "House of Gucci" and I even could not recognize him when Jared character showed up. He was completely transformed to the character he was playing by his acting, Italian accent and makeup. His skill was absolutely amazing! Too bad, he is not nominated for Oscar this year.

 I humbly got a small part in this series and it was fun working. There is a trailer released as well. My second Apple TV+ show and I can not wait see the show.



I was a cast member on new mini series on Apple TV which coming up next year. Will let you know when the date of premiere is set. It looks like Apple TV producing more quality shows these days. This series is my second Apple Tv shows. M first Apple show is coming up soon! "INVASION"  the first air date is 10/22! Its trailer looks really amazing!  10-14-21


At long last, my new show " INVASION" on Apple TV plus release date 10-22-2021 is officially released. Please watch the show! Here is a new trailer came out a week ago.  06-16-2021

I had a vaccination shot the other day in my neighborhood and it was a walk-in procedure and people there are so nice and professional. I was very glad that I made  so that I feel more ready for up coming projects. It has been tough since last spring 2020, I felt like the quarantine made me feel so small and isolated from everything. Now it feels like we are getting out of the hardship and go back to normal life and move on. 

There have been a few good auditions that I scrambled to make it an amazing self-tape session and I deeply appreciate friends who helped me. Also on a daily basis, I have been training my self so that it made me feel more confident as an actor and just being my self. 


Happy new year! I wish your dream will come true in 2021. Let's make this year to be something of memorable when we look back.

In early Nov 2020, I worked for a multi-episode recurring role for a new upcoming epic Sci-fi series. It was a bit of challenge though it made me grow as an actor. It was great experience. I will let you know when they are ready to release the show.. Please look forward to it.     1-4-2021

it was a professional dream to be in such a great TV series "Succession season 2" is Emmy awards winner Best Drama! Back to back winning with Golden Glove award best drama! 09-21-2020

I have been writing on New TV pilot and a few film projects while I have more free time theses days since this pandemic taking hold in an unprecedented way. Trying to be creative.

It seems like commercial and TV show productions in NYC are getting ready to move forward which is good thing!  8-27-2020

I booked on a big commercial print job for "NOVARTIS" with exclusivity with oncology pharmaceutical for 5 years. 2-25-2020

S.W.A.T. episode 13 was aired on 1-29-2020! There were so many positive feedbacks from allover! Thank you friends and cast members and staff. It was so much fun to work with all talented and nice people on this amazing project. 1-29-2020

On January 29th at 10 pm on CBS. "S.W.A.T." season 3 episode 13 will on air! My first Guest satr role as Seagent Watanabe. We had a great location shoooting in both LA and Tokyo Shijuku district. This is a very special episode on this season. You can see the subcultuer of dark side of Shinjuku Tokyo. And of cause there is a lot of actions!  Please wach it!  1-23-2020

HBO drama "Succession" won Golden Globe best TV drama series and Brian Cox won the lead role on TV drama. I am very proud of being a part of this amazing show. In the same scene I worked with Kieran Culkin was also nominated for supporting role. 1-5-2020

I just came back from the trip of the dream work in LA and Tokyo for an upcoming TV show. I still can not get over this work gig which is one of my dream come true! I had the shooting in LA and Tokyo as a guest star role and I flew on first class to LA and Tokyo and stayed in 5 star hotel. it was an amazing experience. The shooting went so well despite the fact there were a lot of actionscenes involved. Thanks to my boxing workout. I would like to express my deep appreciation for the kindness and professionalism of both LA and Tokyo production crew staff people, my manager、casting director, producers, director, writer and cast members. Thank you so very much!!!   It was one of my high time in my life so far though the best is yet to come!    12-8-2019

I will fly to LA and Tokyo for next month for the shooting of TV drama! More detail will come in next month!  10-15-2019

I booked on TV commercial for Sanofi Fluzone

You can watch it below!


I performed for "Tennessee Williams festival in Provincetwon MA from 9/26 to 9/29 in provincetown MA.

It was an amazing theater experience in P-town. I love P-town! People, beach, and event staff and everything was just amazing! We are one of the best play in that festival!!!!

A play is "THE LIGHTHOUSE" by Yukio Mishima.

Our play came out so beautifully and people loved it!

Here is the review https://artsfuse.org/189133/theater-review-asian-delights-from-yukio-mishima-and-tennessee-williams/

Here is the link for the festival below.


I have been rehashing for a play called " THE LIGHTHOUSE" by Yukio Mishima with a great ensemble cast with amazing staff members. Directed by Benny Sato Ambush.

I did not know this particular peace of play by Mr. Mishima despite of fact that I am very keen to his books and saw many of films written by Mr. Mishima. It is an amazing play.

I personally find that  there is a certain peculiar way of rendering protagonist's visceral feeling in Mishima's writing and also I found very similarities in Mr. Tennessee Williams's play as well. I found they have similar sense of angle toward human affairs.  They both amazing writers for sure no doubt about that. I am personally a big fan of Mr. Williams writing. 

Please come to see the show! It would be anice excuse to get out the city for a change and explore early fall in P-town MA!!!!!!!


The Lighthouse at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

One of most acclaimed TV shows in 2019!

"Succession season 2 " started air on 8/11/2019

HBO drama "SUCCESSION" Season 2 premier was aired on August 11. I play a co-star role in it. It turned out great. Thank you for watching the show!!!

I booked on a commercial print gig for ASTRAZENECA for Japanese market version.  

I was in a play for "Think Fast" play festival in Maplewood NJ. Our Play " Four New Years in Japan"  on 3/22, 23, 24. Friday and Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 2pm. Burrgorff Center for performing Arts.  The last day of 3/24th,  WE WON THE BEST PLAY AWARD!!!!! It was so much fun to play the three different characters. 

I booked on  a HBO drama "SUCCESSION" on the first episode of season 2. It will be aired in sometime in JUNE I got a great role on this one! I also performed for "WEB MD" industrial video shooting.  It was a big challenging role as a neurosurgeon with a lots of special medical terms and it was very rewarding to pull through. It felt so good at the end of the day!

I played a co-star role on a prime time TV drama "BLUE BLOODS" episode #817 on CBS. It was aired on March 30th. I played a scene with Kevin Dillon. He was great and so easy going. 

"Radio Drama Rally" was on the air on 12/30 at 9 pm eastern time on WPTA930AM radio station. There was a Radio Play reading of "Wolves of The Hudson" written be Mie  Makishima. Staring; Jan Mizushima, Eddy Ohno, and Yours truly.

I played a co-star role in Amazon prime show "RED OAKS" Season 4!

Booked on MAZDA TV commercial voice over narration gig!

May 26, there was a table stage reading of a radio play "The Universe-A Recycle Shop" and two other actor friends appearing.  At Mirror Tea House, 575 Union Street Brooklyn NY11215  at 7:30 PM. 

Booked on USPS TVcommercial shooting.

Booked on Pfizer print job!

I have started teaching in acting on camera technique class on one on one private session as well as self tape audition preparation sessions. 

Booked on Verizon fios print job.

NYU film " Business Man" will have a film screening at NYU on May 13th. I played the role of Business man. Directed by Mate Boegi.

The Cocktail Party" is now in Okinawa film festival and getting a lot attention from media. The film screening was sold out and there are people could not get in the theater. I played detective Maejima in this film http://oimf.jp/en/news/detail/174/

A film I worked on last year called "The Cocktail Party" is selected for FilmColumbia festival. It is scheduled to to show on Oct 25, At Morris Memorial. I played a role of detective Maejima in it. More info  http://www.filmcolumbia.org/schedule-and-tickets/tickets/page/5  

DirecTV TV commercial, I got an on camera principal. 

A kabuki dance performance I performed in "Shigure Saigyo" was on June 21st, 3 pm at Tenri Cultual insititute. It was an event of Sachiyo Ito and company's salon series #52. The title of the event is "The Mudane & The holiness:  Asobime".

April 12th, 2015 at 8 pm on CBS, "Madam Secretary Episode 20 season 1" was on air! I have a principal role in it. Thank you for watching! What a day was on the day of February 24th 2015! I played a principal role  on Madam Secretary. I just love all the people who work there! The producers, talented main cast actors,  kind crew members, my beautiful BG colleagues!  It was one of those good days on the set I will not forget! Great energy there, such a positive, warm, caring feelings. I am very lucky to work with them for sure.  

A stage reading I performed at The Actors Studio this past Oct 1st 2014. The Play " There Is A Red Rose Up In Spanish Harlem" was original and written by Mel Nieves who is also a member of Labyrinth theater company. Our audiences are  all from The Actors Studio playwrights/ directors Unit. I could not invite any of my friends at this time. It was a big success though. We got very many positive comments on the play. It was a truly well written original play. I liked it very much when I got an offer directly from Mr. Nieves. Actors who read  with me are also all amazingly talented and currently busy with other legit acting gigs and some of them are Actors Studio's members for a long time with amazing career as well. The legendary Ellen Burstyn  was in the audience seat watching our work as well.  I was totally honored to be part of this project at The Actors Studio. 

CBS broadcasted the series premiere of "Madam Secretary" on Sunday September 21 at 8:30 ET/ 8 pm PT. I am performing as a state advisor and work with wonderful talented main cast ; Tea Leoni, Bebe Neuwirth, Patina Miller, Sebastian Areclus, Jeffrey Arend, Eric Bergen  in conference room throughout the scenes 1. I have been working as a member of core regular for this show since its pilot and I am having great time working  with great actors and staff on the set. And this show has been rated very high and it has become a hit show. Please watch it on Every Sunday on CBS!

I came back from one month show (from 8/5 through 8/27) in Tokyo, performing "Butaiban" [stage staff] comedic role for a kabuki play called "Kaidan chibusa no Enoki" [the same show we did at Lincoln center Rose theater in July} but this time at KABUKIZA! One of the most prominent classic theater venue in Japan. It was awesome because the house full of 1800 audience every show! I also enjoyed the foods and sight seeing in Tokyo! I tell you I gained more than a few pounds! because they are so good!

It was an amazing experience with the venerable Heiseinakamuras (kabuki company from Japan) at Lincon center Rose theater and my Broadway stage debut.

I got an offer from Shyouchiku that I will be  performing at Kabukiza in Tokyo for a month in August.

There is a play review below. http://slleiter.blogspot.com/2014/07/39-review-of-kaidan-chibusa-no-enoki.html

July 7th through 12th, I  performed for "kabuki playBroadway show limited engagement called "Kaidan Chibusa No Enoki" in Lincoln center Summer festival. It was such an amazing acting experience for me and we've got amazing audiences as well. A leading actor Kankurou Nakamura performed 3 major roles in it so he needed to change characters like a blink of an eye speed! And once he changed he was solid in each character. All other actors from Japan were so superb and so friendly. It was a great show! At: Rose theater.

Time Warner building  Reviwe from NY Times below; http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/09/theater/a-kabuki-drama-at-the-lincoln-center-

festival.html?_r=0 http://www.lincolncenterfestival.org/current-season/heisei-nakamura-za

A Jpanese TV documentary show "The puffer fish crossed Pacific Ocean"  was aired on March 22nd 2014 on BS Fuji Network channel in Japan.  I played " Mr. Kuraoka who established the very first Japanese restaurant in NYC back in the 60's and fought with FDA in order to import the puffer fish from Japan for 5 years without help of any lawyers.

Mishima Yukio's noh play reading of  "Hanjo" was on March 1st. At La MaMa reaharsal studios at 5 PM.  I played Yoshio in it. 

A Japanese TV network program called "Waratte koraete"  was aired on 08/28/13 in Japan based on Nihon TV network channel from 7 PM to 10 PM. I played a art teacher named  Chiura Obata for Kouho Yamamoto when she was a girl during the internment camp period back in the 40's  but she is now 91 years old and still actively painting her special method of Sumie painting. It has been very well-known for her style of painting on a world wide. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=2kigZlJ-2RE&feature=vm

I had a stage reading of "The Uniform" by Kobo Abe on March 10, it is part of remembering Tohoku earthquake and tsunami event and it is part of a charity program. 123 4th Ave NYC. at 3pm.

I worked on a documentary program about Hawaii senator Daniel Inouye  with Fuji-Sankei TV  in  March 2013. It was aired in June nation wide in the US. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=SI2PfTx6WmQ  

I was working on a film "Non-Stop" staring  Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and also an up-and -coming actress Michelle Dokery  in a sound studio in Queens for over 6 weeks in the late 2012. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. Mr. Liam Neeson was looking great and worked very hard on it and He is awesome!


I was in NBC's new sitcom "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER" on the 3rd episode as a quirky antic collector with a co-star credit and it was on the air on 04/18/2012 on NBC. Staring  Lennon ParhamJessica St. Claire. Lennon and I, we worked on "Confessions of a Shopaholic" back in 2008. She's got her own show on NBC. She kindly invited me for her new show.  We shot 2 scenes in Brooklyn but they cut one scene when it was aired. It happens all the time in this business. 

We had a stage reading of "Kaguya Hime" "The bamboo Cutter" with an amazing music group "Wafoo" on Nov 5th and 12th in Sataten Island.  Nov 5th, 7:30 pm at Holy Child Church 4747 Amboy Rd, ST NY10312. Nov 12th, 7:30 Pm at St. Maray's Episcopal Church,  347 Davis Ave, AT NY 10310  

I had a Shakespeare play reading of "Macbeth" on the 18th. It is including dinner and drinks at very historic magnetosphere. Tuesday, October 18th, 6:30 to 9:30pm Doors Open at 6:30pm; Reading Begins at 7:00pm (running time 90 min.) House of the Redeemer: 7 East 95th Street (between 5th and Madison Ave

 I had an amazing full-production of "The Wise Man of Nyokodo" written and directed by Casey Groves this past April 2011 and we had a previous reading session back in  August 2010,  It was so much fun to do a Noh play with Noh dance with a great band Wahoo who created such an amazing music as well. We also had a very thoughtful Q&A session with audiences after the show especially due to the nuclear leak threat with multiple disaster hit in Japan last March.

Nov 18th 2010, we had a great stage reading of "The Soldier"  written and directed by Myra Sito Velasquez. I played an overpowering captain. I had an amazing time and the reading was very well received.

Oct 2009,  I played a role of an Asian gang boss named Jinno for Japanese Fuji-network TV 月9drama "TOKYO DOGS" on a first episode which was on 10/19/09 in Japan! 

My big studio film debut "Confessions of a Shopaholic" has been released on DVD on June 23rd, 2009!  You can purchase it at your local video shops or online stores.  A film "Puccini for Beginners" is also available on DVD.

Salut, je m'appelle Yoshiro Kono et je suis  un acteur Japonais à New York.  J'ai joué dans un grand nombre de films qui ont été distribué au tour du monde ; comme le rôle de "Ryuichi" dans "Confessions d'une accro au shopping", une production de Touchstone Pictures ; et le rôle du «Sushi Chef » dans "Puccini et Moi". 

Buongiorno, mi chiamo Yoshiro Kono e sono un attore Giapponese residente a New York.  Ho interpretato il ruolo di "Ryuichi" nel film "I love Shopping" 2009 prodotto da "Touchstone Pictures".  Ho preso parte anche nel film "Puccini for Beginners" nel 2006.

Hola ; me llamo Yoshiro Kono y soy un actor Japonés que vive en Nueva York. He trabajado en producciones de películas que se han distribuido en el mondo entero ; como el personaje de « Ryuichi" " en la película « Confessions of a Shopaholic » de Touchstone Pictures ; y el « cocinero de sushi”  en la película « Puccini y Moi ».