I have been teaching in acting on a camera technique class on one on one private session as well as a self tape audition preparation session in Brooklyn. Mainly focusing on film/TV audition technique to get a legit acting gig effectively. Not to mention, my weekend workshop in Improvisation, monologue, scene study

 My teaching method is based on my actual professional experiences (please check my bio) with most effective current acting style and how to make your imagination as real as possible given what's written on your text with finding strong subtext in it.


Yoshiro is a great teacher and very professional. He really has a clear point of view. He can point you out right away whether the scene is working or not. He can also point out if you are acting with your head rather than with your heart. People tend to rush and say all the lines fast when you go to audition. He told me to relax, take my time and act from my gut and it has been working and just right after the session with him, I booked on a Netflix mini series recurring co-star role!              Dai. I

Please ask any questions.